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Accelerating action in Sustainability

Shaping a sustainable future through analytics and partnerships.

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Unique contributions to sustainability made possible by partnerships

What gets measured gets done, and progress in sustainability science is no different. Data has the power to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)(opens in new tab/window) for 2030 and beyond. We are committed to driving change, from our publishing portfolios and analytics capabilities to building research capacity in developing countries and advancing diversity in science.

Action for change

We understand that science and research are key drivers for positive global societal change. From our publishing portfolios and analytics capabilities, to supporting unique partnerships through the Elsevier Foundation(opens in new tab/window) and working with the global research and health communities, we are proud of our contributions to inclusive science and research.

The Elsevier Foundation

The Elsevier Foundation contributes over $1 million a year to non-profit organizations and to knowledge-centered institutions around the world, supporting tech-enabled innovations in inclusive health and research.

Explore the Elsevier Foundation(opens in new tab/window).

Inclusive health and research

Taking action on climate

The world must reach net zero no later than 2050 – a challenge requiring rapid reduction in all greenhouse gases. Science-led solutions are critical to achieving this. We have a role as the leading scientific publisher to ensure that science is heard and acted upon by the right people.

Visit our climate action hub

We've also prioritized protecting the environment for the past 15 years with a focus on reducing our own carbon footprint.

Read our climate action report(opens in new tab/window)

Partnerships for the goals

Inclusion and diversity

Innovation, productivity and decision-making are enhanced when we embrace differences — from gender identity and sexual orientation to race and ethnicity, age, physical ability and neurodiversity. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed in research, in health, and in our own organization.

Discover inclusion and diversity at Elsevier.

For an inclusive workplace

Harnessing the power of data

By drawing on the research conducted by the global scientific community our analytical reports provide a platform for action:

Helping universities amplify their societal impact

Universities strive to deliver research that makes a meaningful contribution to society, and demonstrating impact is more important than ever. We are helping institutions plan and implement their societal impact initiatives.

Learn more from our white paper 'Demystifying Sustainability Assessment and Reporting Frameworks(opens in new tab/window)'.

Use our infographic to understand what each sustainability and reporting framework measures(opens in new tab/window). Discover how a new playbook can help you pinpoint areas with potential for impact and translate them into success.

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Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

By combining our unique insights in content, data and analytics with the networks and expertise of our partners in the research community, we can work together to achieve significant progress towards the Goals — this is why we are signatories of the SDG Publishers Compact(opens in new tab/window).

From our SDG research mapping initiative(opens in new tab/window) to our medical students hub(opens in new tab/window) Elsevier is your partner in driving action to make the Sustainable Development Goals a reality.

SDG research

Read the newsletter(opens in new tab/window) and the latest sustainability news on Elsevier Connect

Explore Atlas Award-winning sustainability research

Discover SDGs for research leaders

Visit the RELX SDG resource center(opens in new tab/window)