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Research Intelligence for the Research Community

Today's research ecosystem is both highly competitive and collaborative. To succeed, you need actionable insights across the research workflow. With information that supports strategic decision making, your research can thrive, advance society and drive economic growth.

Our Research Intelligence solutions(opens in new tab/window) can help generate these insights. They give you quality, structured data, advanced analytics and an array of indicators and metrics to use in your strategic planning to support your research goals.


With actionable insights, you can analyze your distinctive capabilities — as well as the global research and funding landscape — to further your research programs, funding and societal impact.

Supporting future research

Open science is an increasingly important driver of innovation and impact. Information about opportunities for collaboration and funding for open science projects, as well as the ability to measure the impact of current research, help you gain a leading position.

We believe open science can benefit research and society and drive research performance. The Research Intelligence portfolio facilitates research that is open, collaborative, inclusive and reproducible. Our solutions enable data management and sharing; provide comprehensive, transparent insights into journal impact; offer a full complement of citation and alternative metrics, and include multiple tools to accelerate the exchange of ideas both within the research community and with the public. We work with the community to develop and promote open standards, including FAIR Data Principles and TOP Guidelines. We are entering transformative agreements, such as partnerships on a range of national open science services(opens in new tab/window) with Dutch research institutions.

Many people in our Research Intelligence team have research backgrounds and are keen to push the boundaries of current practice. They collaborate on research projects and connect with the community to understand your challenges. We continually develop our solutions based on your input to ensure they meet the evolving needs of research executives, librarians, information managers, funders and researchers.

Research Executives

Your challenge: get a clear view of your institution and the world of research to make confident, evidence-based decisions about where you will compete.

The solutions: data-driven insights — information and analytics about your research strengths and impact that help you identify and secure researchers, collaborators and funding, and position your institution. Combined with a comprehensive picture of global research trends and funding, this lets you advance research performance, rank and reputation.

Librarians and Information Managers

Your challenge: manage research artifacts, provide students and faculty with the tools they need, showcase research outputs and expertise, and report on research impact and engagement.

The solutions: aggregate, disambiguate, structure and connect data and information so you can query and report with a high degree of accuracy and confidence. Research Intelligence solutions offer the flexibility and features to support your institution and its researchers in collaborating and disseminating research openly on a range of platforms.


Your challenge: invest in research that advances society and drives economic growth; strengthen strategic planning and portfolio analysis capabilities; and better demonstrate the impact of funding.

The solution: identify the global research trends and expertise with the most potential, identify the talent to achieve your goals, and track and measure the impact of the research you fund — all with an underlying infrastructure that supports open science and scholarship.


Your challenge: solve problems to benefit society; identify and obtain funding; plan, run, publish and evaluate research activity.

The solution: discover, assess and organize research at every stage of the research cycle, then publish your results and track your impact. Research Intelligence solutions uncover rich connections between people, published ideas and organizations, so you can easily view funding patterns, identify and obtain the funding you need, find collaborators and help you make your research data accessible, reusable and citable.

Ready to find out how Research Intelligence solutions can help you reach your research excellence goals?

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