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EmBiology: Unparalleled insight into biological activities

See the complete landscape of biological relationships and gain a fast understanding of disease biology, how to modulate the disease process and how to interpret experimental results.

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Deep biological evidence to support critical insights and decisions

Quickly and easily interpret experimental data

  • Understand disease biology

  • Improve target and/or biomarker identification and prioritization

  • Decide what drug targets to pursue and how to measure drug targets

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Make evidence-based research decisions for higher project success rates

  • Gain a comprehensive view of the landscape, including novel results

  • Draw on more reliable reported relationships published in multiple sources

  • Get insights from data updated weekly extracted from full-text content

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Biology Knowledge Graph

Watch a short video(opens in new tab/window) introduction to the Biology Knowledge Graph, the dataset that powers EmBiology. Biology Knowledge Graph data can be searched via EmBiology or licensed off-platform for applied analytics and modeling.

Biology Knowledge Graph

EmBiology product features

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Data structure

1.4 million entities connected by 15.7 million relationships (with more added weekly), plus 87.2 million referenced and viewable facts.
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Comprehensive biological content

Data is extracted from a rich array of sources, including the full text of articles. Wide journal coverage from Elsevier and non-Elsevier sources.
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Natural language processing technology

TERMite text analysis engine for entity recognition plus machine learning to recognize relationships and associated properties.
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Quality control of biological data

Expert reviewers have deep backgrounds and experience. They follow stringent QC processes and data are held to the highest standards.
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Accurate and up to date

New full-text articles are scanned weekly. The entire dataset is rescanned annually and updated with new concepts and terms.

Frequently asked questions

Get unparalleled insight into biological activities

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