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Conference speaker

Yimon Aye


Yimon Aye

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland

Winner of the Tetrahedron Young Investigator Award for Bio-organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Talk title:What we do in the dark: Illuminating signaling functions of electrophile-sensing proteins that evade conventional target ID

Aye completed her undergraduate studies in chemistry at Oxford UK (2000-2004), and doctoral research in organic chemistry with Prof. David Evans at Harvard. She then switched her research discipline to life science and received her postdoctoral training with Prof. JoAnne Stubbe at MIT. Science in the Aye lab ( in new tab/window)) seeks to understand non-canonical cell signaling processes. Her laboratory is most well-known for investigations into electrophile signaling, a nuanced communication mode whereby on-target engagement between specific reactive metabolites and target proteins, orchestrates precision responses at cellular/organismal levels. Aye also studies ligand-driven changes in protein–protein associations of importance in genome regulation.