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Conference speaker

Urszula Domanska


Urszula Domanska

Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Talk title: The petrochemical and biotechnological preferential separation processes - measurements and modelling

Prof. Urszula Domańska, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland and Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, Warsaw, Poland, Professor since February 1995. Honorary Professor at Thermodynamic Research Unit, School of Chemical Engineering, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa 2010-2018.

Head of the Department of Physical Chemistry (1991-2017). Vice Director of the Institute of Fundamental Chemistry (1988 - 1990).

A career in research and teaching in physical chemistry and thermodynamics. Particularly interested in thermodynamics of phase equilibria, calorimetry, measurements, correlation and prediction of physicochemical properties, ionic liquids, polymers, pharmaceuticals, fragrance row materials.

Member of the Polish Chemical Society, of the Polish Association of Calorimetry   and Thermal Analysis, Steering Committee of ESAT (European Symposium on Applied Thermodynamics) since 2005. National Delegate to Working Party on Thermodynamics and Transport Properties of European Federation of Chemical Engineering since 2008. Scientific advisor at J. Chem. Eng. Data (2005-2010), South African Journal of Chemistry (from 2006) and member of the Scientific Committee of  J. Chem. Thermodyn. since 2010.

Author of 400 scientific papers, 270 presentations at conferences, three books, and two chapters in the books. Co-author of Solid -Liquid Equilibria (SLE), TRC Floppy Book, Thermodynamics Research Center, The Texas University A&M University System, College Station, USA, 1997. Author of Solubility of Organic Solids for Industry, Chapter 8 of Book entitled Development and Applications in Solubility, RSC Publishing, IUPAC, Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House, Cambridge, UK, 2007. Author of Ionic Liquids in Chemical Analysis, Chapter 1, General Review of Ionic Liquids and Their Properties, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Abingdon, UK, 2008.

Over 1945 (WEB OF KNOWLEDGE the citation index, 7960 (without auto 6030) in the scientific literature; Hirsh h-index = 47. In years 2003-2017, 170 publications in the field of ionic liquids.

I Class Prize of Minister of Education for the individual research work in 1995 and 2006, II Class Prize of the Minister of Education for research work in 1989. Thirty six awards of the University's   President  for   the achievements in the field of applied research, 1969 - 2016. Certificate of excellence from Thermodynamic Research Unit, School of Chemical Engineering, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa, 2011; Scientific Award of Warsaw University of Technology, 2014.