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Conference speaker

Tommy Nylander


Tommy Nylander

Lund University, Sweden

Tommy Nylander did his undergraduate studies in Chemical Engineering with specialization in Food Technology at Lund University. He completed his PhD in Biophysical Technology at Lund University under the supervision of Prof. Kåre Larsson in 1987 with a thesis entitled, “Proteins at the metal water interface- adsorption and solution behaviour”.

In 1990 he did a postdoc at the Australian National University, Department of Applied Mathematics, Canberra, Australia with Prof. Barry Ninham. In 2000 he was appointed senior lecturer in Physical Chemistry, Lund University and in 2007 he was promoted to full professor in the same department.

The main theme of Prof. Nylander’s scientific activity has been to relate interfacial behaviour of surface-active molecules to their solution behaviour. The focus has been on molecules of biological origin, e.g. proteins and lipids, and the self-assembled structures they form in bulk and at interfaces. The relationship between solution and interfacial behaviour is crucial in many systems, in particular for lipids and proteins, but also for polymer-surfactant systems. The focus is on interfacial techniques such as ellipsometry, surface film balance, QCM-D and neutron reflectometry, as well as on other scattering techniques. Nylander has vast experience in application research and international collaboration, both within academia and industry. He has published 235 scientific articles and book chapters within his research area.