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Conference speaker

Sylvie Bégin-Colin


Sylvie Bégin-Colin

University of Strasbourg, France

Sylvie Bégin-Colin completed her PhD degree in Material Chemistry at University of Nancy (France) in 1992. She has then integrated the CNRS as Researcher at the Laboratory of Science and Engineering of Material and of Metallurgy at the Mining Engineering School of Nancy and she has developed researchs on physico-chemical modifications induced by ball-milling in oxides. Then Sylvie Bégin was appointed Professor in September 2003 at the European Engineering School in Chemistry, Material and Polymer (ECPM) of the University of Strasbourg and is currently Director of ECPM. She is also involved in the Research Commission of the University of Strasbourg since 2013.

She has developed a new research activity at the Institute of Physic and Chemistry of Materials (IPCMS) of Strasbourg on the synthesis, functionalization and organisation of oxide nanoparticles for biomedical, energy and spintronic applications and is head of the team “functionalized nanoparticles”. One great part of her research activity is devoted to the design of oxide nanoparticles as these nano-objects are highly sought after for their applications in the biomedical field and are also considered as the building blocks of the future nanotechnological devices in fields of spintronic or energy. Most of these studies are made in collaboration with organic chemists, biologists and physicists. Sylvie Bégin has obtained AOARD, ANR, INCA, Labex, MICA, ARC, Alsace contre le Cancer grants and has participated and participates as partner to different European programs. Her work has been rewarded by the “Jean-Rist” price of the French Society for Metallurgy and Materials and Scientific Excellence Award. She is holder of 147 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 2 patents and 48 invited conferences.