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Conference speaker

Maria-Isabel De Barros Bouchet


Maria-Isabel De Barros Bouchet

École Centrale de Lyon, France

Presentation title: Tribochemistry and DLC coatings

Maria Isabel De Barros Bouchet received her PhD in the field of Materials Science from University of Orléans in France. She then joined in 2001 the Laboratory of Tribology and System Dynamics (LTDS) in the Ecole Centrale de Lyon as an Associate Professor as tribologist. Her research activity mainly concerns the understanding of tribochemical phenomena occurring under severe mixed and boundary lubrication regimes.

Recently, her research interests focus on new technologies to reduce friction involving solid lubricant carbon-based materials, with specific emphasis on nanocristalline diamond and DLC materials, and more eco-friendly lubricants, as pure organic or water-based. In particular, she is interested in exploiting natural, non-toxic polycyclic molecules used in pharmacopeia to reduce friction to a level of superlubricity, i.e., a friction coefficient below 0.1, in macroscale applications. Her research is based on a combination of experimental simulations and suitable (in situ) analytical techniques as support for surface chemical reactivity study and understanding the behavior of interfacial material in tribological contacts.

She has also several Institutional activities, comprising the deputy director of research at ECL, in charge of doctoral formation, and she is the co-leader of the LTDS Tribology team. Maria Isabel is the author of over 75 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 6 book chapters, and one book. She also holds 6 patents. She serves on conferences scientific committees in Tribology conferences.