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Conference speaker

Ira Levine


Ira Levine

Professor Emeritus and CEO

Algae Foundation

Dr. Levine, Professor Emeritus and CEO of the Algae Foundation concentrating on macro and microalgal cultivation, marine agronomic management, and algal-based workforce development, education and training.

Recently retired from the University of Southern Maine, Dr. Levine has been appointed as the Director of the DOE’s AlgaePrize, a student-based research and development competition.  Dr. Levine’s efforts include 41 publications, 3 books and 102 national and international presentations.  Dr. Levine has owned, designed, and/or operated algal farms in Canada, China, India, Japan, and USA, CEO of a marine natural products company and was a professor at Duke University, Universities of Hawaii and Southern Maine.  Dr. Levine was awarded two U.S. State Department Fulbright’s:  2009-2010 New Century Scholar and 2016-2017 Distinguished Chair fellowship.

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