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Conference speaker

Esteban Quijada


Esteban Quijada

University of Santiago, Chile

Talk title: Solvent extraction of metal ions with ionic liquids: possibilities and challenges

Esteban Quijada-Maldonado completed his PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology in the group of André de Haan in the field of separations using ionic liquids. After this period, he came back to Chile an started an academic career at Santiago University of Chile.

There, he joined the Laboratory of Membrane Separation Group, headed by prof. Julio Romero where Esteban started scientific research on metal extractions with ionic liquids, and other projects such as extraction pollutants from water and valuable organics from industrial food residues.

Esteban has focused his research on the selective extraction of valuable metal ions from the hydrometallurgical process such as copper, molybdenum, rhenium and rare earths, metal ions of great interest for Chile, using ionic liquids as diluents and as selective extractants of those metal ions.

Lately, Esteban has been combining COSMO-RS predictions and experimental results to obtain selective extraction where is it challenging, the separation and purification of rare earth.