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Best company culture collage

Elsevier named a top 10 company for global culture

April 7, 2021

By Catherine Adenle

2021 Comparably Awards recognize Elsevier for “Best Global Company Culture” based on employee surveys.

This week, Comparably(opens in new tab/window) — the global workplace culture and compensation monitoring site — announced its first ever Best Global Company Culture list(opens in new tab/window). I’m very happy to share that Elsevier ranked number eight(opens in new tab/window).

Other Top 10 companies included Adobe, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

In addition, Elsevier placed sixth for Best Operations Teams 2021(opens in new tab/window), eighth for Best Product & Design Teams 2021(opens in new tab/window), and 20th for Best Companies New York Region 2021(opens in new tab/window).

As with Comparably’s Best Companies for Women and Best Companies for Diversity, which featured Elsevier(opens in new tab/window) in 2020, the awards are based on feedback from employees themselves. The ratings for Best Global Company Culture were compiled during the Covid-19 pandemic (March 2020 to March 2021). I’m humbled that people felt well supported in areas such as work-life balance, leadership, and development opportunities at a time when they most needed to be part of a healthy company culture.

Given that the awards are decided by employees themselves, it seems apt to share some of the comments we’ve received over the past 12 months about how it feels to be a part of this company.

A learning culture

Gosia Warmińska-Marczak, Education Consultant Manager, shared her thoughts recently on nine key elements that help build a learning culture at Elsevier(opens in new tab/window). In doing so, she reflected on why such a culture was so important to her:

To support clinicians, nurses and students, we need an environment in which continuous learning and innovation are encouraged. And this is why I love working for Elsevier, where people are smart and open to continuous improvement via commitment to learning. What we are building here is an authentic learning culture in which people grow and innovative ideas are born. This is the part of the job that means a lot to me: I am actively contributing to the development of growth mindset and building a training program for my colleagues — and together with my colleagues.

Gosia Warmińska-Marczak

Gosia Warmińska-Marczak

A sense of purpose

Carlos de Palladella, Elsevier’s Director of Clinical Solutions for Europe South, Israel and Latin America, recently wrote about the sense of purpose he derives from sharing our customers’ mission to improve patient outcomes(opens in new tab/window). He talked about the vitally important work clinicians and healthcare professionals are doing, and how it feels to be a part of a culture focused on helping those professionals do their work:

For me, the elevated purpose that drives healthcare professionals drives my own sense of purpose. Caring about patients and improving every patient outcome is at the heart of every conversation we have and every project I work on.

Carlos de Palladella

Carlos de Palladella

A culture of trust

As mentioned earlier, the ratings for Best Global Company Culture were taken during the pandemic. Earlier this year, Dr Harpreet Shah, Solution Marketing Manager at Elsevier, walked us through the ways her role has changed over the past 12 months(opens in new tab/window), and summarized her thoughts on how the culture at Elsevier has helped her through difficult times:

With the new norm of working from home, although most of my schedule remains as it was, I miss the personal meetings and chats I used to have with my colleagues. However, since I was used to working from home even before Covid, I suppose it was not a very difficult choice for me. In fact, working at Elsevier has always given me the flexibility and freedom to work whenever and wherever I wish to. I consider myself very lucky to be working at Elsevier, where trust, employee comfort and happiness is embodied in the culture of the company.

Harpreet Shah, PhD

Harpreet Shah, PhD

You can read more stories and commentary(opens in new tab/window) from our colleagues. Also, find out more about working for Elsevier on our Careers hub.

Comparably 2021 Elsevier Awards


Portrait photo of Catherine Adenle


Catherine Adenle

Senior Director, Employer Brand