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The use of generative AI and AI-assisted technologies in the review process for Elsevier

Policy for Book and Commissioned Content Reviewers

This policy aims to provide greater transparency and guidance to authors, editors and reviewers in relation to generative AI and AI-assisted technologies. Elsevier will monitor ongoing developments in this area closely and will adjust or refine the policy as appropriate. The following guidance is specifically for reviewers.

When a subject matter expert is invited to participate in the review process, the material/manuscript must be treated as confidential. Reviewers should not upload the material/manuscript or any part thereof into a generative AI tool as this may violate Elsevier’s and/or the authors’ confidentiality and proprietary rights and, where the material/manuscript contains personally identifiable information, may breach data privacy rights.

This confidentiality requirement extends to all communication about the material/manuscript including any reviewer questionnaires, reports, or correspondence, as these may contain confidential information about the material/manuscript, Elsevier and/or the authors. For this reason, reviewers should not upload their communications or any related material into an AI tool, even if it is just for the purpose of improving language and readability.

Elsevier abides by the highest standards of integrity in the review process which implies responsibilities that can only be attributed to humans. Generative AI or AI-assisted technologies should not be used by reviewers to assist in the review of the material/manuscript as the critical thinking and original assessment needed for review is outside of the scope of this technology and there is a risk that the technology will generate incorrect, incomplete or biased conclusions. The reviewer is responsible and accountable for the content of the review.

Elsevier’s AI policy for book authors states that authors are allowed to use generative AI and AI-assisted technologies in the writing process before submission, but only to improve the language and readability of their work and with the appropriate disclosure, as per our instructions in Elsevier’s Guide for Authors.

Please note that Elsevier owns identity protected AI-assisted technologies which conform to the RELX Responsible AI Principles(opens in new tab/window). These in-house or licensed technologies respect confidentiality. Our programs are subject to rigorous evaluation of bias and are compliant with data privacy and data security requirements.